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Curbs and Steps

Creating attractive curbs and steps is what gives a lasting impression for your home’s entryway and backyard. Edging neatens the appearance of your yard and adds neatness to your curbs. Steps should be noticeable and a plant accent can help or you can change the texture underfoot by adding natural stone steps. Natural stone is great to use for steps because of its sustainability and it adds an elegant beauty to your home in general. If you want curb appeal or sturdy steps, Elite Construction Designs is the way to go.

Designed in accordance with new safety and accessibility standards to deliver maximum stability in transitions between elevations, Elite Construction Designs makes it easy to choose the right concrete steps for your project. Tie the horizontal and vertical surfaces of your outdoor space together elegantly, with modular systems in colours and styles to match your design palette. Our concrete curb stones are the final accent for garden beds, driveways and patios to finish off your outdoor living space perfectly.